What Far West Technologies Offers

Complimenting Your IT Needs with the Hands of Experience

When choosing a technology partner there is really only one question. What does Far West Technologies offer that other technology integrators don’t? Is it massive certifications, longevity in the industry, great references, fair prices, quick response times, great partnerships, the ability to be your virtual CIO?, So again,

“What does Far West Technologies offer that other companies don’t?”

Far West Technologies is all of that and more. We provide our customers with comprehensive, up to the minute, straight forward and easy to understand, end-to-end technology solutions, services and support. With over a century of years in combined experience we have the knowhow, partnerships and ability to provide our clients with IT solutions that will meet their needs for today, tomorrow and into the future. We give our customers peace of mind and allow them to stay focused on what’s important to them, their business.
From the moment you meet our consultants and engineers, it will be clear… We will dig in and understand your business. Then, more importantly, we will discover how it can be improved, the available technology that supports it, and begin the process of designing the right solution(s) with the highest levels of return on your investment (ROI). No death by PowerPoint and no trying to fit you into the nitch that we do business in. We are not happy until your final analysis shows you the great things we can do for your business.
Far West Technologies has deep rooted, hands-on training and experience with servers, secure networks and infrastructure, video and telecom, data storage, virtualization, compliance, service and support, and professional services. With our talent you can feel confident that we will present you with the best deliverable alternatives for your organization and your budget. We do not want to minimize the importance of the high level proactive partnerships with our vendors, where integrated solution possibilities are tested and bilateral knowledge is exchanged. Nor do we want to minimize our outstanding educated, experienced talented certified engineers, consultants, executives, and support staff. The real thrill though, is the look on our customers faces and the level of gratification they exude when they see how we have improved the quality of their businesses, reduced their workloads and expenses while simultaneously increasing their customers satisfaction.
You see, it is simple from our perspective as well….. Delivering for our customers beyond their expectations builds confidence and trust that makes for long term relationships, which is what we covet most. We will amaze you with our expertise, knowledge and capability but the goal is we want to be a long term extension of your IT department that you can depend on, and prosper from, for many years to come.
We invite you to explore our website and see the plethora of complementary components that make up our truly comprehensive technology offering. Feel free to call us at 949-732-7888. We look forward to talking with you soon.

What does Far West Technologies offer that other companies don’t?

About Us

Far West Technologies, LLC, integrates the world's most innovative technologies, unprecedented engineering design, and proven implementation methodologies to deliver customized IT infrastructure solutions and services for our clients. Starting with strategic design, planning and tactical execution; to management and post deployment support, Far West Technologies brings together talent, technology, and trust to every client engagement.

Our full line of Solutions and Services includes:

Systems & Solutions

Dynamic & Diversified for Today, Tomorrow and Into the Future

Secure Networking

Management, Monitoring, Performance & Protection

IP Multimedia

Maximize Productivity with Cost Effective & Timely Collaboration

Data Storage

Deploying the Right Solution for Your Specific Requirements


Saving Your Resources and Our World


Risk Aversion, Best Practices, Corporate & Customer Security


Keeping You Focused On Your Business

Professional Services

Complimenting Your IT Needs with the Hands of Experience

Far West Technologies Drives Business Improvement through Technology Solutions

Since 1995, Far West Technologies has helped their customers plan, build and manage solutions to:

  • Lower the network's total cost of ownership
  • Maximize the return on investment
  • Gain better control of network resources
  • Acquire specialized design expertise
  • Expedite project implementation
  • Minimize risk & complexity
  • Resolve compliance issues

Far West Technologies has over a century in combined experience and has the know how, partnerships and ability to provide you with IT solutions that will meet your corporate needs for today, tomorrow and into the future. We give our customers peace of mind and allow them to stay focused on what’s important to them, their business. If you are expanding, merging, consolidating, looking to increase your productivity, lower your cost of doing business or just ready to turn your IT challenges to the experts, Far West Technologies can help.



Since the day we opened our doors, the philosophy at Far West Technologies has been to bring unequivocal value and expertise to our customers and our partners. In that light, our management believes that our in-house training & certification program is a win-win scenario. It builds loyalty and longevity with our biggest asset, our people; while providing the most knowledgeable and current resources for our customers. When it comes to our training and certification program our philosophy is simple:

“Dedicated Employees, Continuously Updated Certifications and Decades of Experience, Drives State of The Art Solutions”

Starting with our executive staff and continuing through our systems engineers and solution consultants, Far West Technologies’ employees hold certifications on all of the products and services that we support. In most cases they are typically the highest level of certifications and authorizations available from the manufacturer and industry partners that we represent.

In additional to earning these certifications our employees are required to continually refine their expertise with on-going formal training and testing as soon as new materials become available. With our commitment to education and training and our extensive field experience, we strive to allow our clients the confidence of knowing their systems are being analyzed, designed and implemented by the industry's top professionals.

Below are some of the partners and vendors that Far West Technologies Team carries certification:


Far West Technologies has aligned itself with world class and proven Technology Alliance Partners. We take our partnerships seriously, and work together closely, to thoroughly understand each other’s products and provide combined solutions to meet our customer’s needs. In addition, our Technology Alliance Partners team with us to provide an escalated level of service and support, giving our customers better response and quality care when they need it most.

Working with our Technology Alliance Partners enables us to develop innovative solutions at the highest level of performance, and outstanding support, resulting in an enhanced degree of customer satisfaction.

Far West Technologies prototypes new solutions with its alliance partners in our lab first before deploying to our customers. Solutions are thoroughly tested, optimized for performance, and qualified and/or certified interoperable with Far West Technology’s Platform. No last minute surprises!

If you have any questions about our Technology Alliance Partnerships or perhaps a vendor solution that you do not see, we invite you to call us at 949-732-7888

Staying Informed


What you need to know about the HITECH Act of 2009

  • 02.25.2015

The United States Federal government has allocated $19.2 billion in incentives to eligible physicians for the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) through the newly signed HITECH ACT. Starting January 1 2011 eligible physicians will be able to receive up to $44,000 in incentives at the federal level and perhaps even more at the state level.

In order to maximize your incentive, the time to act is now. Far West Technologies has the expertise to successfully prepare and guide you through this process today. We can insure you the highest level of return on investment available. The longer you wait the less incentive you will receive and if not completed by the end of 2014 you will begin to incur fines. Don’t delay and forego any of this opportunity to have the federal government subsidize your transition to Electronic Health Records. Click here to visit our “Special Report: HITECH Act & HIPAA” and let us get you where you “ARE REQUIRED” to be.

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